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How To Choose Color Schemes

Colour is still the main focus of any painting project. While it is important to protect surfaces from the elements, provide optimum durability and be environmentally conscientious, if the colour is unattractive non of these benefits will matter. Technology, today, has made it possible to have the best of both worlds. It is no longer necessary to use hazardous chemicals to provide protection or obnoxious compounds to make a tough finish. The use of lead, turpentine, tar or creosote is a thing of the past.

A full range of colours is now available in almost any conceivable product. A whole industry has developed to ensure that appearance is not compromised in architectural design. The interior decorator has unbounded latitude in choosing finishes and colours that compliment his creations.

Designing a "Futuristic Look", reviving early "Canadian Heritage", or combining the two, is now easily accomplished by anyone. There are any number of books and magazines on the topic of decorating all claiming to have the inside track on what is trendy, what works well and what to avoid. More often than not, these are copied concepts, including the props and accessories which are made to look like personal heirlooms.

Anyone can do as well. A beginning is made with your own personal possessions, those things that you have accumulated, not just for purely materialistic gain, but their inherent beauty, nostalgic past or plain practical appeal. They can be articles for outside, or prominently displayed memorabilia for inside or privately guarded keepsakes. The colours you choose can create a complimentary atmosphere that tastefully and subtly becomes an expression of you.

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