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Wallpaper Makes A House A Home

Wallpaper Removal

For many, Wallpaper Removal conjures up thoughts of the mess, the cleanup, the time involved, the possible problems, the repair.  It can make one shutter.  Please keep in mind that certain wallpapers require specialized techniques and may require the services of a Wallcovering Removal Specialist.  Adina has been doing this
FOR YEARS. You should NOT hesitate to call a professional wallpaper contractor. The cost is probably a lot less than you might think. What a home owner will do in two days, Adina will do in a few hours. If at any time during a project you see the walls becoming damaged STOP and consult Adina, a Professional Wallpaper Removal Specialist.

While today's Wallcoverings are generally easy to remove, older papers and those not installed properly can be very difficult and messy to take down. Hiring a professional can save time, money and many headaches.

Wallcovering Plus offers these services of wallpaper removal. By using professional wallpaper removal products and techniques, we can often remove your existing wallpaper with minimal wall damage. After the wallpaper is removed, we can prepare the walls for the application of new wallpaper, texture and paint, or faux finish.

"Wallpaper Makes A House A Home"

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